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Fresh VFX

Fresh VFX was started in March 2014 by Stuart Botha and Bradley Glossop. We decided to combine our well developed skills and resources to open up a small personal Post Production facility that can really step up and take care of the job and relieve much of the hassle and stress from our clients.

It is a “Fresh” start and a new approach to Post Production that¬†allows us to work within budgets while providing all our combined professionalism¬†and expertise. As a small enterprise, we are able to adapt and move with the ever changing times and demands by our clients.

Stuart Botha

Stuart Botha has been in production since 2002. Working through the ranks, starting at City Cuts, Famous Editors and moving on to The Refinery and Ministry of Illusion before taking the big leap with Fresh VFX. Stuart is well known in the industry for his unique flair and strong working relationships with his clients. He’s always able to assist and go above and beyond with great attention to detail ensuring that the whole process runs smoothly.

Bradley Glossop

Bradley Glossop started compositing on Autodesk Smoke in 2005 at Ministry of Illusion, where he was able to get experience working between Flame and Flint, allowing for great flexibility required by certain jobs. This is where he learnt the trade and establish good relationships with great clients.